January 20, 2007

Once again...

"Hey , what`s going on ? Again another new idle blog ? "

That may be reaction of many people while visiting this place at first time. Frankly they could be right . this is my 'Yet Another Blog' attempt trying to document my brain cells . But I guess this time I`m on new way . almost all previous blogs & forums I wrote in (weblog.websecurity.ir , neominds.org , shabgard , ... ) were my friends corners or something NOT belong to myself . Although I think I`ve posted very few junks in them but after all , non of them were the place I could feel comfortable within.Finally after multiple 'create blog , keep it idle , take it down' attempts , I guess I`m ready to go with stable one .

I`m not sure which topics will fill it but, as most of my life is about computers, networking and information security I guess my upcoming posts will be about my daily tasks and interests but I won`t guarantee not to post funny topics , junks or even personal aspects of my life . I`m not sure about the language I`ll write in too! hey don`t worry I speak only Persian & English .depending on the content of post I may decide to publish it for all or Iranian visitors .

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