February 15, 2007

About recent falw in Solaris telnetd

Haha, how about muliple blog posts in one day ? :)
Well I have much to write about, but it`s really hard to choose best one for blogging.
Since first announce of authentication-bypass flaw in telnetd of Solaris 10 & 11 in full-discloser, I saw storm of posts, news and emails here and there talking about the case. Very few of these notes really helps an administrator or anyone else interested in details (Is really a >10 years old bug interesting at all ?!) . skipping Casper.Dik (from SUN) posts in full-disclosure , most of others looks like replay to spams. After checking few known resources I finally came across a nice post about the case which can be referred as most complete resource for this case for people interested in easy-to-understand details.

waiting for third post of day ... ? :)

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