February 21, 2007

Nmap Secrets...

Are you a big fan of Nmap like me ? If so keep reading else blogID =+ 1 .
If you`re a real Nmap kind of guy you've probably checked the most complete released material about Nmap named as "Secrets of Network Cartography". The book contained many interesting and useful tips on how to use Nmap more professionally. Even if you belive yourself as a expert give it a try. But wait, don`t go for old version anymore if you've missed it. new release of the book + some more gifts are in way and you can upgrade your knowledge about Nmap with brand new materials which will be published in less than 4 hours ( At the time of writing this ). Upcoming event will be a free webinar which will announce some new features of Nmap and some quick tips on using it. This webinar have also a gift for you. I`m not going to leak it of course :p . If you really enjoy Nmap related gifts, join the webinar and at the end you'll be thankful of me announcing it to you ;)

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