March 30, 2007

Happy New Year

I'm still alive ;)
In case of me , The new year was not that happy for some reasons but anyway let's cheer! I wish everyone a completely different new year as I expect it for myself too.

I know how bad it is to keep a blog idle, but I believe keeping blog idle is better than filling it with useless entries. To prevent blog from getting too much dusty I added a "My browsing history" section as you may have already noticed it. There you`ll see my favorites while reading other people's blogs,lists and news. This widget is really a mini copy of my shared items on Google-Reader, so if you hate my blog and just want to follow my browsing habits feel free to directly visit this link . Finally in case you're a paranoid surfer like me , don't forget to white-list "" in your NoScript or you'll miss it while watching my blog.
And yeah I love Google-Reader ! I finally came to this conclusion that it is the best choice for managing a massive list of feeds. It's portable,flexible and If you're on a low-speed link it's surprisingly bandwidth-saving while loading your long list of feeds and of course, anonymous.

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