September 14, 2007

BackTrack 3 ...

I've previously blogged a bit about BackTrack 2 , a must-have for any security auditor. I`m not going to rewrite on how and why BackTrack is perfect for assessment task and why it`s the #1 in available free/commercial live security distributions for penetration-test. If you remember I've previously noted that I use a local-install of "Auditor" which was based on Debian. things change, and mee to . I decided to move to slack and play with it for a while . So I replaced old Auditor with BackTrack2 and customized it to feet my needs. Here`s how it looks now :

Yes, that`s latest released paper of pdp on hacking web2.0 . If you you've followed my "browsing history" you've probably got it fresh.

Thanks to Max & Muts , I got chance to join BackTrack 3 and get a beta version. I`m not sure about schedule of publicly releasing first beta , but current state of work shows that it`s at least 1-2 months. wait for cool updates & upgrades , including various new tools and scripts .
I just added a complete set of tools for owning web2.0 applications, all based on FireFox. At the moment I`m trying to see if I can integrate new qKismet into a stable working state, based on latest kismet development tree. I`ve some interesting plans which are not still discussed but I hope to be able to implement them.
anything you missed in BackTrack 2 and like to see in BT3 ? shoot me a comment and I`ll try to forward to developers.
and few 0day screen-shots ...

I hope muts forgive me for leaking :p

[ Update : ]
After more than 5 hours wasting time and playing with BackTrack , Qt installation and preparing slax packages, qKismet is now showing it`s lovely interface . Just have my friendly advice and prevent compiling Qt 4.3 from source as far as you can ! it took near 4 hours on my 1.8 Dothan laptop. I`ll share the Qt-4.3.1 Slackware package as soon as I get some place to safely host it for long time.


  1. Well, i have been using backtrack 3 since few months, the feature i think it lacked was ability to manually edit the modules in that iso... if that could be implemented, we might be able to update the modules ( saving space as well, as we arent adding any extra module, but just updating it)...

  2. Pardon ?!
    BT3 is only few days old. How are you using it few _months_ ? o.0

    About your comment , BT already supports custom modules .
    build/config/update your favorite tools , place tham in previously created ( and correct ) directories , based on what you see on a booted BT , and use dir2lzm to make your module .
    Next , mount and open ISO , include your custom_module.lzm , re-pack ISO and burn it .
    that`s it !
    check BT WiKi for details on how to do it .

  3. Could you post the way you make it works ? This would be usefull (Install QT/Update + Build qKismet)


  4. No special task is required . simply download source package of QT , become sure you have Qt required dependencies already installed, and do the usual ./configure && make . after few hours ( depending performance of your system ) package will be ready and installed .you can keep installed package for later uses , preventing re-compiling it . Once you`ve a compiled binary package , installation is as fast as few minutes of extracting archive . qKismet is also friendly while make ,if you have Qt installed properly.