September 12, 2007

On recent Tor exit point sniffing attempt

Probably you've heard about recent attempt on trying to extract useful information from Tor exit points traffics. The technical aspect of this attempt ( attack !? ) is well-known and even documented and is not something new. The point making it interesting is that gov people use Tor to route their traffic. The day I read this title on SANS it didn`t look much interesting to me as I`ve had the same experience but collecting different set of information from traffic and also trying to cover some encrypted channels like SSL protected stuff. Later I told myself "hey, is any affected by this attempt? " and guess what ? ...

Wish I could publish some of my research results too but as I`m not sure about local gov reaction I prefer to stay silent for now.
And hey, this is not the first time Iran gov is made fun of , because of their lame policies and broken infrastructures. If you follow related news, there are tons of blames against iran. I remember old BlackHat talks , exposing classified informations and maps of IT infrastructures of the country, and my personal investigations lead to even more horrible live results. But after all, who cares ?!!!

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  1. man delam mikhadhar moghe on misham id hamid bashe ,khudesh bashe, khub bashe ,roshan bashe........ fekr konam vase dahstan hameye ina ye kami saket boodan arzesh dashte bashe.hamishe lazem nist harchi midunim begim.