December 4, 2007

Web-Application Vulnerability Scanners war - Round 2

Following my post on this topic , here the round 2 begins !
SPI was quick in response and WatchFire is a bit late , but anyway WatchFire is now releasing it`s paper on topic here .
NtObjectives , we`re waiting ... !

Malware headaches

I`m still amazed by technical aspects of STORM worm , and following related technical news . This new generation malware really made serious problems out there , and is still on top . Following this topic , I`ve to mention an article on another interesting headache cause in malwares wild world known as FLUX , posted by McAfee guys at AVRT-Labs blog. I don`t usually post about other blog posts and simply transfer interesting ones to you by bookmarking it in "My Browsing History" list, but this is another exception I believe worth double-bookmarking :) Here you can read part-1 and part-2 .