March 19, 2008

Training camp slides

Few months ago I had a training camp in Yazd , teaching concepts of penetration-testing and vulnerability assessment to students. Since some random people already got slides out of boarders of class , I though it`s better to share it with everyone now .There are some points about the PowerPoint slide though .

Since it was a hands-on training camp and I`ve used used slides as title , almost all of details explained as it goes in any hands-on training camp , so don`t expect much details here and also consider this as non-completed version . If you like to follow topics personally and want to study more , most of details can be found in these resources and books :
  • Hacking Exposed 5th Edition
  • Hacking Linux Exposed
  • Web Application Hackers Handbook
  • Shellcoders handbook
  • Database Hackers Handbook
  • CEH v.5 Instructor materials
If your company/Organization looks for such training camps feel free to contact me directly to check possibility of scheduling a training camp ,as trainings are scheduled only on-demand .

Here`s download link .

Happy new year!

1 comment:

  1. Salam jenaBe kashfi,

    man Slide haye Penetration testingy ke eraE kardin ro didam va kHeili khosham oomad, kheili mayelam az ye tarighi betoonam too yeki az training camp hatoon sherkat konam, aGe beshe ye training camp too zanjan dar khedmatetoon basham (az tarighe daneshgah ya mojtamae fannie teh shobeye zanjan) kheili khoob mishe.

    kHoshhal misham bishtar bahatoon dar ertebat basham.

    ba tashakkor,
    Netw0rm /Snoop Security Researching Committee