June 26, 2008

Yazd University seminar slides

Last day I had a one-day seminar in Yazd university , covering some topics about discovery,attack and defense techniques in softwares , followed by quick coverage of common attacks against web-applications and passwords/authentication mechanisms .
As I`ve guessed before the event , 6 hours speaking was not enough to cover all topics in acceptable amount of details . But after all it wasn`t that bad :)

Download presented power-point slides from here .
[Updated:] And in case you look for pdf version ,it`s here .


  1. hello
    really thanks.
    you are really good at Information Security Discussion.
    this seminar is high level and i saved a lot of information and new topic in this technology.
    we are waiting for again Conferance and your new presentation.
    this years i wish to meet you and yesterday get it this appetite.
    thanks for everything and special thanks for you best manner and unpretentious.
    see you in electornic mail and speaking.

  2. great! eager to read slides, wish u all success, more than befor
    (abji Paria!)

  3. SalAm,
    Love You ;-)
    That was Great .... TNX ... Good presentation and Comments ... I wish you had enough time to cover all topics deeper ...
    Hope to see you in Yazd again

  4. hi
    1)thanks from your excellent seminar
    2) your seminar centralized only on a special attack (stack overflow)
    3)if we have some question about this categories,can U help us? how?
    reply the questin please
    4)i am glad too meet U
    5)good luck...

  5. Hi
    thanks alot dear hamid.

  6. hey, howdy ?
    as I said you in IM it's a great PPT which contain useful information, appreciate, but if you can produce some papers about these materials (include Applcation vulnerabilities 'n also web application vulnerabilities) in PDF format with some more details it can be more helpful than it ...regardless of this matter, please expand your conference throughout the country and it's happiness for some interested people at information security materials whom know you and all of them ( personally myself ) can use your comprehensive information and it's really a holy crap ;) .
    btw, thanks for all of your attempts for expanding informations security .

    [ Arash ]

  7. hi
    thanks for your comig in yazd
    can I ask you some question with electronic mail about the proxys software and work with them for upload file?

  8. hi and thanks because of this excellent session..
    i hope to learn more and more from you, in this field of security..
    But you promised to put the reference links at your blog.. i'am waiting for them..

    be happy - hamid.t

  9. Thans everybody for your comments .

    @Alisa DEL
    2): yes ,it was. because it`s almost impossible to describe every single topic related to overflows in such limited time, specially when almost all audiences have no previous experience on the topic .
    But the books I`ve mentioned cover good aspects related to topics and you can refer to them. And that event was not a practical one by any mean :)

    3): Sure ,feel free to email (hamid@oissg.org). if I know the answer , you`ll get it . if I don`t you`ll be redirected to knowledgeable people or available resources.
    thank you .

    @Anonymous [Arash]
    There are already MANY great resources out there related to almost all topics.I doubt if another rewrite is required. About expanding events , they are mostly
    ordered events. Like company X asks for such event and I`ll handle presenting it. I`ve never had any event on my own.

    Feel free to shoot them to my email
    address . I`ll try to respond ASAP , if it`s something I know about .

    Dear ,would you please mention what references excatly you`re looking for ? unless it`s links for downloading warez E-books , I`ll respond only in email , not here ! and the reason is obvious :)
    In any other case , please mention it. My memory sucks!

  10. perfect, mesLe hamishe ALi. enshaLLah ghesmat beshe too ye conference az hoZooretoon estefade konam Mr.Kashfie aziZ
    [excUse me for Finglish cOmment!]

  11. i think it's better you try to participate in some international conventions not just rely on some low level conference in some universities
    thats better for lifting your reputation , your article was okay

  12. Excellent , as usual . but if you drop a pdf version here ,will make us happy.

  13. hello
    do you teach CEH or other security courses any where?

  14. Not exactly dedicated class for CEH certificate , but I just prepare (security/hacking/hardening/...) training camps on demand . No fixed schedule or training company.