July 17, 2008

AV Industry !

A cool picture of current state of AV industry , I`ve came across while browsing ThreatExpert blog . It`s funny but absolutely true !

Recently I`ve began some focused researches on malwares . So far it has been good and interesting case and I`m sure it will get more interesting when moved out of lab-tests. Expect some public outputs soon .


  1. some people say and brag first , do then . some people do it first , then expose .

  2. With all respects and thanks for commenting here , this is how I do it _some_ times . the 'brag first' maybe .
    So let`s consider it bragging , till some exposure :)

  3. good . see it : http://hkashfi.blogspot.com/2008/05/well-done-china.html

    then is there a difference between you and the guy you befooled there ? what you say is unfortunately not what you do .