October 22, 2008

Interesting piece of research on attacks against wired keyboard

After TEMPEST , this is the most interesting 'public' demonstration of exploiting electromagnetic emanations of wired keyboards . Researchers have not released the paper and technical details yet, but as mentioned in DailyDave , we should expect it .
MoD in Iran seems to have it`s own implementation on this and other TEMPEST research attack vectors , but I`m not aware of technical details of their work .


  1. how would know that there is such a thing in so called MoD? that would be a secret .

  2. How do you consider a topic which is about 20 years old a secret?!
    It`s like somebody say Intelligence service have advanced equipments to crack and intercept A5/1 protected GSM traffic on the fly . Sure they do ! So is it a secret too ? :)

  3. that would be your "assumption" , and yes if you "know" that authorities have something the knowledge itself is a secret . there is a huge difference between these two concepts hamid .