October 24, 2008

Iran`s X.25 NUA Directory

Well , long time ago this directory was a big secret for me ,as I`m sure thi s is the first ever published list of NUA, covering Iran`s X.25 network . Nowadays most of networks switched to IP based neworks and x.25 based access systems are part of history now . But in 2008 ,there are still a lot of blinking LEDs on x.25 modems out there ;)
So here`s the complete* list of dedicated NUA`s in official x.25 network of telecom co .
This is not the up to date version and now it`s about 4 years old , but hey there`s still a lot of fun behind it :)

And why I`m publishing this list today? Only "For educational purpose" . Also because I felt this list (which has been privately and limitedly published somewhere else) is spreading too much out there , without proper copy-right!!! So please do not abuse the list . If you`re unfamiliar with x.25 technology , don`t waste your time much for learning it from scratch. There are lots of new technologies out there , replacing it . The last word is that I`m NOT RESPONSIBLE for what you`re going to do with these numbers. If you don`t know how to use this list , just consider it a pice of very valuable but now-outdated information .
This list was useful for me back in the days it was fresh , as it could save me a lot of time doing the war-dial concept on x.25 networks . With this list you can skip all of your scanning toys and directly shoot your bullet to target :p . Note that the file is password protected , and "0ceb8fa5773ac8f973ab648aba0d8ae0" is the password.

Dowload the directory from here.

*For obvious reasons, I`ve removed some NUAs from this list . Most of removed items belongs to goverment or military or important banking systems. If you need them , you should already have them anyway !


  1. Really thanks
    but can u say what is the rar's password?

  2. We've done a lot of research on X.25 networks. The NUA's are nice, but you'll likely need a inbound DID (X.25 PAD) to the network. From outside of Iran, this is likely difficult as these DID's are most likely local online. From inside Iran, the NUA list might be useful still. That's without getting into if the X.25 network in Iran requires a NUI or not (?). Great stuff.