October 22, 2008

Yet another post about Foot-printing (The MAP!)

To many people this article may just be as useful as knowing who use what ,or which social networking is more popular in specific area of the world , but to me , it looks totally different!

Previously I`ve mentioned a tip on using social networks to gather more interesting information about targets , to have a more effective profiling and foot printing . This map looks like guide for using best match against your target . So based on it , cloob.ir would be choise #1 . Although this is not a complete map and lacks many info , but it`s just a good sample about the idea .
Finding a more detailed map ,showing more details about each country could be great . For example it would be cool to see popularity percentage of other netwroks in Iran .
Source of these information (based on notes in map) is Alexa site. It won`t be that hard to build your own map for other topics . Visiting this url for example , will tell you where most of facebook users come from .
There`s just one remaining note . Since some of these social networking sites are filtered in Iran (What`s the fucking reason to do it anyway ?!) results are not accurate . This is mostly because of using VPNs , proxy or bouncer systems .

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  1. Wow that's a great article. Many people like this article. Social networking is popular in specific area of the world. This map is very beautiful.