March 22, 2009

Happy new year - - سال نو مبارک

Let me greet you the Nowrooz and wish you all the bests for coming year.
I don`t know why I've never been interested in Nowrooz holidays , but let`s cheer and enjoy it anyway... ;)

I know this blog looks idle and forgotten , but it`s not really like that. I just don`t want to fill it with others contents directly . While trying to get used to my new situation (the conscription) I'm still working on something, as always . They are just not suitable for release/report as blog posts.
Everyone expects a gift for new year and I was thinking of one for my blog readers too . While the original gift (Some under-work articles) could not be prepared due to storm of works hitting me at the end of last year and current days , I though it would be good to share something similar to you.

What I've made ready for you is a complete export of feeds of my rss-reader (The Google-reader) . Import it into your favorite reader and keep up with me reading latest news, posts, comments and outputs of some of the best security-related sites, researchers or companies ... . In short , this is how I keep myself tuned and up to date all the time :)

My Google-reader subscriptions