August 15, 2009

Twitter me

Since I used to be so silent on this blog recently ,I though pointing a post to my twitter (آدرس بمب افکن من)may help a bit . Past months has been so hard for me as I had to be on duty (conscription if you've forgot what`s going on with me) from morning to evening , and working on my own projects from evening to mid-night . That was really killing , considering some overlaps between on going projects!
Anyway I guess hard days are over now and tonight I've just celebrated my third night without being worry about ANY projects :p
I've recently joined to a new department and there I`ll work on what I've always liked to do , not punching cards as some of you may knew ! :)

I hope I`d be able to get back to blogging again , and post about some topics I've worked on in past months. Since I`m a LIFO kind of blogger, I may write about my last personal project first . Recently I've finished doing a large scale analysis against all Iranian networks (over 350 network segments and near 1.5 million IP addresses in total ) . As soon as I found some time to Excelize my findings, I`ll release them here .


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