June 12, 2010

2 New {old!} Articles

Trying to cleanup some of old pending works, I found two articles I've authored before that are not published publicly in blog. Both of them are written in Farsi.

First one is about foot-printing, talking about some basic and usual methods for information gathering phase of a penetration-test. This has been part of a larger write-up, but this is the only section that I'm authorized to release. I also warn about this article and note that I`m NOT responsible for how readers use these contents. As I've used real-world samples in this article, I though about masking them before release. But, considering all of gathered information being already public, I decided to leave it as it is. So DO NOT blame me why I've not masked samples.

Second and much dated one, is about hardening Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and is was written back in 2006. Considering SQL 2005 it`s kind ouf out-dated. but anyway, releasing it won`t hurt  and some people may find it useful. 

Third one...Nah, let`s leave third one for later post ;) watch for another release, maybe in next week.

you can download them from below links. Comments are welcome & appreciated, as always :)


  1. I believe that most of your papers have good quality but i should add an exception for SQL Server hardening paper , how ever thanks for publishing ;)
    keep safe

  2. @Anonymous
    Thank you. Same bad feeling about mentioned paper here :) No offense but that was prepared in less than 1 hour and was kind of MUST BE DONE ANYWAY for a university course. feel free to consider it junk ;)