July 26, 2013

Ohh, a new post!

Well, oh, hello!
It`s been so long since the last time I updated this blog. I have also been through a lot during these months. Nothing bad or idling, but I`ve just been too busy with life that I had no chance to update this corner of my life. The last time I updated here was about publishing some of my previous works that I had done (WiFi things). Since then I have been busy with campus life and studying (shit, again!) in university, helping some non-profit student organisations as coordinator and also slightly working. Not sure if I`ve mentioned it or not, but I have been studying network-security in a university in Sweden since 2011. Nothing fancy. Lots of Java and math (which I have to admit I hate!), and also working as usual. Since one and half year ago I officially joined Immunity Inc and have been doing some projects with them in my off-school times. While It is a pitty that I can not spend full time working, it`s still a great opportunity of working and learning.   I have to admit that it is a pain in the [whatever] to be away from full-time work in this field. I just feel I`m missing too much. You see A LOT passing from your nose but you are too busy with student life to be able to catch up with them. All I have been able to keep myself away from so far is, not sinking in university academic life. Fortunately it will be over in couple of months and then I will have the chance to get back to my now-long ideas list and to-do tasks. 

Since the last time I updated here, I`ve done couple of interesting things from my perspective. Although non of them has been major, but I still consider them better than being a simple student at a university! I`ve contributed ideas to SILICA (Immunity`s Wifi voodoo) and random projects there, Flying my modified drone carrying a customized N900 sniffing wireless networks in nearby flying range which I was piloting with a PS3 controller, coding shit load of java assignments, lecturing few courses in university as teacher assistant, teaching novice students about mobile and wireless security, experimenting some serious photography skills, some researches and write ups  in the field of mobile-security [mostly for university], discovering new attack vectors against nordic smart metering implementations [some GSM and embedded fun], researching about extending attacks against RFID, some hardcore off-road cycling, learning some Swedish, and couple of more things that I do not remember at the moment.

Hopefully as soon as I finish my university in coming semester, I`ll be able to charge this blog with some more contents and posts about what I have been doing recently. I just hope not all of them are out-dated by the time I`ll write about them. Till then, feel free to contact me by email about whatever concern you which I might be able to help :) 

Hej då!