April 14, 2008

Review of some of recently published books by Syngress

I`ve got electronic copy of some of new Syngress books . Here`s how I`ve rated them :

"No Tech Hacking" : Name is self-explaining . covering topics on how to hack without computer . Interesting topic picked , but so interesting materials . At least , I was expecting something more cool from it`s well known author , the king of Google hacking . All of topics are well-discussed in other books & resources . Real-world cases are not even interesting enough , IMO . I consider it ANOTHER book on old known topics. I hardly give it 4 stars .

"Nmap in the Enterprised" : Want to waste your time in best possible way , and learn Nmap in worst way ? Go read this book . Is 0 star rating a valid one ? If not , I`ll give this one 1 start .

"Reverse Engineering Code with IDA Pro" : I`ve not finished reviewing it deeply yet , but It`s one of those books I like to read . Amount of good contents in the book compared to useless chaptes is above average . There are other great books on debugging already available , but if you just want to BEGIN working with IDA Pro , it`s a good book . Be warned that it`s not a good refrence for learning debugging . Giving 3 stars to this book would be fair . If it was covering more detailed basic things , rather than trying to finish the topic fast and clean , it could be a 4 stars book .

"Google Hacking , Volume 2" : Not as 'second edition' as expected . If you`ve already purchased first edition , or studied electronic version , you won`t get much from this new release . 2nd Edition covers some of new Google features released after 1st edition of book , and the style of the book is also refreshed for better classification of topics. But if you`re new to the topic , don`t even waste a minute ! this must be your #1 priority . A second to none resource for learning Google. Although it`s titled "for penetration testers" but even individuals will find this book good . I have some non-computer friends who were very happy after checking this book . Because they learned to make their Google search MUCH MORE effective than past , and get what they are looking for , in fewer hits . A 5 start book , without any doubt .

"Secrets stolen, Fortunes lost" : As some one who`ve reviewed some other books on same topic , I didn`t find a single new word in this book . The most interesting parts of the book were provided check-lists . They`ll be really useful for you , if you don`t already have alike check-lists . Provided real-world samples and cases could be better than current ones, or at least with better analyzes from author. If it was Amazon , I`d give this one 3 stars at best .

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  1. great introduction, cool .
    dont know about others but I give 5 rates for " Reverse Engineering Code with IDA pro ", recently I had a research about this book and it seems best reference for reversing with IDA PRO .
    but still have no chance for obtain and read it, but as soon ...
    anyway, thanks for this post, if you can introduce some other good reference it can be helpful .
    Good luck