April 11, 2008

Smell of good old days

No technical post this time ,
but I`m glad to mention that www.Hat-Squad.com , and www.Neominds.org are up and alive again :)
Hat-squad , as our research group has never been idle/off/down and during these years we`ve all been busy doing our favorite works related to what the team has been arranged for . I still believe Hat-Squad as the oldest and most solid Iranian security research group since 2001 who`ve kept it`s vision and presented extensive researches , results and projects either publicly or privately for the fun of it , or for the money behind it ! yes , everyone needs $ .
Last day I`ve been informed by Behrang that domain is up again . I`m not sure if any content will be added/published soon , but for now it`s just to make the name alive . Since 2005 team focused most of it`s time on given research or audit/assessment projects rather than non-profit work for publishing MORE advisories or tools or hobbies . Security market has changed since that time too . More than 7 years of coordinated work , research and adventures gave us all priceless experiences and helped us to improve and gain knowledge close to wire-speed :)
Thank you all of Hat-Squad members , for everything .

1 comment:

  1. I am Very Happy That Hat-Squad Reloaded again, Thanx for your good news.
    Have Nice Time Hamid
    Black Ice.